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Cheap SR22 Non Owner Insurance – F.A.Q.

If you do not own a vehicle, you may be required to obtain an auto insurance coverage. You will have to secure a special type of insurance policy known as an SR22 Non Owner Car Insurance Policy.

A non owner insurance policy basically provides liability coverage while driving a rental or borrowed car. In this case, you should only apply for this type of insurance if you do not own a vehicle, but have got regular access to one.

The liability insurance covers bodily injuries as well as property-damage which you may cause other drivers, passengers, and their vehicles in the case of an accident. With this type of coverage, you are well protected against a financial crippling blow in the event of an accident.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you might consider looking at before applying for your next cheap SR22 non owner insurance.


What is a Non Owner Vehicle Insurance?

A non owner SR22 insurance is a policy that is intended for those drivers who need or want to have an auto insurance but do not own a vehicle or have a vehicle that they drive on a regular basis. Securing this insurance is a good way to prove that you are financially responsible, even though you do not have your own vehicle. More so, it’s a great way to satisfy your state’s financial responsibility requirements.


When should I Acquire a Non Owner Insurance Policy

A non owner insurance might be suitable for you if:

  • You rent cars on a regular basis. This insurance option is much cheaper as compared to making payments to the rental company’s liability insurance each and every time you rent a vehicle
  • You do not own a vehicle and constantly borrow from other people
  • You constantly use car-sharing services
  • You are a DUI convict or have been charged with a number of serious violations and the state demands that you secure an SR22 form in order to obtain a driver’s license or to have yours reinstated.


When shouldn’t I bother Purchasing a Non Owner Insurance?

A non owner car insurance is not designed for everyone. You don’t need to purchase it if:

  • You’ve got frequent access to a vehicle and you are fully-covered by the owner’s insurance policy
  • If you happen to live together with your parents, and you occasionally use their car/cars as you may have been listed as a licensed driver on their insurance policy.

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What Does a Non Owner Auto Policy Cover?

This policy only provides limited liability coverage if you are driving another person’s vehicle or a rented one. In simpler terms, if by any chance you cause a road accident when driving a borrowed or rented vehicle, a non owner insurance policy will fully cover the damages made to the other driver’s car plus bodily injury for the driver and the passengers on board.


Apart from providing a liability coverage, a non owner insurance policy may also include:

  • A medical coverage
  • Un-insured/under-insured motorist insurance that covers all your medical bills in case you get bodily injuries during an accident which has been caused by a driver who doesn’t have enough liability insurance or has none.

Of course, these coverages are paid separately.

NB: Before acquiring a non owner insurance policy, it’s important to ensure that the actual vehicle is insured; lest you lose your driving license. This is a strict requirement in many states.


What Doesn’t a Non Owner Auto Insurance Cover?

The non owner policy does not include a collision (damages made on your vehicle) or comprehensive (covers theft, loss, and damages caused by hazards such a fire, storm, floods, or even animals) coverage. Also, it does not include coverage for injuries that you might suffer in the accident.

It’s therefore advisable to consult with your insurance provider so you are well-informed before making the purchase.


What is the Cost of SR22 Non Owner Insurance Policy?

The cost of non owner SR22 auto insurance may vary from person to person. This is because it may depend on a number of factors such as your specific driving history, the amount of coverage you want, how frequent you expect to drive, your age, and where you live.

The good news is that purchasing a non owner insurance costs much less than a standard policy because you do not use a car regularly. All in all, you may have to pay a few hundred dollars every year.

Be sure to look for an insurance provider with the lowest rates.

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How Can I get Cheap SR22 Non Owner Insurance?

It’s easy to get a cheap non owner policy as long as you check with different insurance providers. The trick here is to obtain a number of quotes (3, 4, or more) from different companies and comparing them. This way, you will be able to find one that will fit your budget.

You can also obtain quotes online.


Am I required to pay a Deductible with the Non Owner Insurance?

Not really, although it may vary depending on the specific policy.


How can I Obtain Cheap Quotes?

The best way to get cheap quotes is by checking out several insurance providers. You can easily check out and compare quotes using this fast tool here Non Owner SR22, it’s a search engine of cheap SR22 insurances.


What Process is Involved in Getting a Cheap SR22 Non Owner Insurance?

Your insurance provider will assist you in processing the policy, but only after you fill out all the necessary requirements. Upon completion, you will just have to wait for feedback either on your phone, email, or fax.

The process is usually simple and fast.


If I Purchase a Car, can I still use the Non Owner SR22 Insurance?

Yes. If you purchase a car while still having a non owner insurance, you can use it to reinstate your driver’s license. After the stated period is over, you can then cancel the policy and continue using your regular coverage.

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